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Experimental painting with acrylics and mixed media

This is an opportunity to have fun, be spontaneous or to put into practice long-wished for ideas. People who wish to experiment with a vast array of both conventional and unconventional materials and tools are welcome in this workshop. The acrylic medium offers a surprising number of possibilities and therefore very attractiv to those painters who like to experiment.

Fabrica de la Luz

You will get creative inspiration by working with all sorts of materials provided in the workshop, e.g. sand, pigments, cardboard, wax, ashes, paper and much more besides.

You can, of course, bring your own choice of materials, e.g. personal photographs and drawings, textiles, special papers from presents, decorative fabric, lace etc. so that you can create a totally personal piece of art work.

Bring, too, collected material for collage, such as special photos from journals, anything that you find interesting, for example, bark, metal, wire mesh, plastic, rust, earth, wood, glass, buttons, any of which can be combined in your painting.

Almost anything can be used as a tool; fine brushes, big brushes, spatula, scissors, knives, palette knives, combs, your own hands, rags....

Pigments, fine earth or ashes can be blown over the wet surface of your painting or carefully washed in with a fine brush.

We will work on strong paper, canvas or any other suitable base for acrylics.

All basic techniques washing in, making layers, mixing, palette knife work, etc - will be taught during the working process.

During the working process, several structures and layers will arise, which can be taken up, condensed or glazed. In any case, you can change as much as you like until the composition of the painting, equally abstract or more realistic, seems right to you.

Fabrica de la Luz

Timetable Courses

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday in the morning in the workshop (10:30 a.m. to 13:30 p.m.)
  • Wednesday 10:30 am to 13:30 am, excursion in the Sierra, collecting impressions and stimulation (drawing, painting, photographing). Lunch afterwards.
  • The studio is always accessable to go on painting, think about new work, get inspiration by looking in art books or just drink coffee or tea (free).
  • Groups of three to max. seven participants

The exact dates you will find at Times/Prices.
Everyone will receive as much individual help as needed and wanted.

Fabrica de la Luz

The use of the following material/tools in the workshop is free, e.g.

  • Gesso (for priming artist canvas or paper)
  • Acrylic Modeling Paste
  • Oil-pastels, watercolour pencils, coal, ash, different pigments, wax, sand.
  • Different types of bristle brushes, knives, spatulas, hairdryer, drawing paper
  • Plastic plates for use as palettes, sponge roller, etc.

The following materials have to be brought with you - (minimum):

  • Acrylic colours: 1x Cadmium red, 1x Cadmium yellow, 1x Blue ultramarin, 1x Ochre, 1x Brown, 2x White.
  • Any other colours that you, personally, like, e.g. gold, copper etc.
  • Good experiences have been had with Acylic paint from DALER ROWNEY or AMSTERDAM in plastic tubes of minimum 120 ml/4 US fl. These acrylic paints have good pigments and can be bought at a reasonable price. You will need 2 tubes of white for mixing.
  • Minimum 2 Painting knives/Palette knives, with a crank between handle and flexible steel blade
  • Drying retarder (best in a plastic bottle)
  • 1 Acryl synthetic brush flat, size 26 or 28 of good quality, e.g. Da Vinci Top Acryl
  • 1 Acryl synthetic brush, round, size 6, for finer work
  • Special paper, canvas or panel for Acrylic paint.

Material which can be bought in the workshop:

  • Single sheets of good quality Acrylic Paper, 360 g/qm, size 50 x 64 cms.
  • Canvases, which can be taken home in your suitcase, size 30 x 30 cms.

Contact: Christa Hillekamp, Apartado 135, 29754 Cómpeta (MALAGA)
Tel/Fax: 0034 952557825, Mobile: 0034 608950228
E-Mail: cristal@artworkshop.eu