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Our painting courses take place in small groups in a relaxed atmosphere.
It is not important whether somebody already has experience or not. Every participant receives as much sensitive instruction and help as desired to move towards the exciting way finding your own creative expression.

The techniques will be taught in suitable individual steps in the students own preferred medium. After becoming familiar with the colours and the techniques, you will quickly learn to use them in a more relaxed way and to follow your own inspiration. We will work either in the Workshop Studio or in special chosen places around our area.
The courses start in the workshop, because there is the best place to become familiar with the material (colours, brushes etc...).

Practical work
  • Learn to see:
    Switch off your thoughts and trust the perception of your eyes. Suddenly you will explore lines, formes and nuances of colours, which you haven´t seen before.
  • Teachers demonstration and the possibility for students "to look over their shoulders".
  • Learning of fundamental techniques of drawing and painting.
  • Basic knowledge of colour theory, composition and perspective through practical examples.
  • Reflection of the work. A chance for constructive review work.
  • The first day starts in the workshop because it is the best place to become familiar with the materials (colours, brushes, paper etc.) and we will paint a still life.
  • On the following days we will be painting (if not otherwise desired) outside in the surrounding area and we will go to particularly selected places e.g. in the nature park.
  • We will be painting: Rock and mountain landscapes, waterscapes, village scenes…
    Details of plants and architecture etc..
  • While drawing and painting, we let our own perceptions, intuition and imagination lead us.
  • Beside the possibility of painting nature (objects) true to life we can create it in a new, different and exciting way.
Malkurs Instruktion

The Workshop Studio is always accessible. Our students can use it whenever they like to develop their earlier work or to experiment with new skills and techniques.
Here is the meeting place, where students can get inspiration by looking through our art books, drinking tea or coffee (free) and talking to other students.
Also our shady terraces can be used for all these activities.

It is an incomparable experience to paint directly from nature (plein-air). One does not need more than a paint box, paintbrush, paper and a bottle of water.
While painting you will find stimulation or relaxation or both at the same time.
For some painting is a step to self-realisation and for others a creative balance to every day stress.

The painting course takes place

  • weekly, Mondays to Fridays, 10:30 a.m. to 13:30 p.m.
    The studio is always accesable to go on painting.

  • groups of three to nine max. participants
  • outside or in the studio

The exact dates you will find at Times/Prices.
Everyone will receive as much individual help as needed and wanted.

Fabrica de la Luz


The necessary materials for the painting course have to be brought with you:


- watercolour pad, torchon fine or middle rough, 250 to 300 g/qm/ 120 to 140 Lb,
glued on all 4 sides for solidity.
- watercolour in a box. Minimum:
Blue Ultramarin, Cobalt Blue, Green Chromoxide, Ochre, Yellow Cadmium, Red Cadmium or Vermillion, Krapplack or Carmine, Burnt Sienna, Van Dyke Brown/Umbra, Gray Payne or Black
- 2 pointed hair-brushes, size 6 and 12, good quality
- Mascfluid
- 1 flat brush,
2 cm wide
- little sponge (natural)
- 1 pencil.

Sometimes you will find special offers of colour boxes. If these don´t have exactly the same colours mentioned above, it doesn´t matter, because you can always mix them.


- acrylic painting pad, min. 10 sheets, glued on all sides for solidity.
acrylic colours in tubes 120 ml/4 U.S.fl.oz.
2 x White, 1 Yellow Limon,1 Yellow Cadmium, 1 Red Cadmium, 1 Carmine Red or Vermillion, 1 Ochre, 1 Burnt Sienna, 1 Burnt Umber, 1 Blue Ultramarin.
- box for to carry and keep the paint.
- 2 flat brushes (Bristle), size 10 and 16, good quality.
- 1 soft pointed brush for finer work, size 6
- pallete for to mix the colours .
- 1 pallete knife
- Drying retarder
- who want so, can bring a portable sketching easel. But it is not absolutely necessary.

For a long time I have been trying to find the ideal acrylic paint for outdoor painting.
Now I have found a colour product which I like very much, not only for its quality but also for its quantity (because it is important to have enough colour):
Acrylic paint DALER ROWNEY in plastic tubes of 120 ml/4 US fl. or Acrylic paint of AMSTERDAM.
These acrylic paints have good pigments and can be bought at a reasonable price.
As you will always need a lot of white to mix, you will need 2 tubes. The colours Black, Orange, Green and Violet can be mixed from the other colours, so you don't need to buy them.

We will provide the materials for sketches and mixed technique drawings (sketch-paper, crayon, pencils, oil pastels).

The use of special prepared foundations for paints and paints for the different techniques will cost some extra. There is a basic equipment in the workshop.

Fabrica de la Luz

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